New Firing: New Pots

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New Firing: New Pots

I’ve recently been making new pots in anticipation of taking part in a new exhibition at the Leach Pottery. After several months of material tests, I’d decided on the clay body I was going to work with and some of the forms I wanted to make. In terms of the type of firing, I was aiming to maintain a neutral kiln atmosphere. In the end, I was more adventurous with the flames and pushed the kiln into reduction – and got a little bit more reduction than I bargained for! Still, I’m happy with the results and have some new areas to move forward with.

New Pots

I’m trying to pare-down my glazing and increase unglazed areas of the pot where the clay can speak for itself. I like the colour variations this introduces, as well as the feel of the contrasting surfaces alongside the rough clay. I achieve this by leaving some areas unglazed, wiping back glaze from other areas, or applying the glaze with a brush rather than dipping or pouring the pot in glaze.

Image Gallery

  • Matthew Tyas: Yunomi with Tenmoku
  • Matthew Tyas: Yunomi with Copper
  • Matthew Tyas: Lidded Jar
  • Matthew Tyas: Lidded Jar with Heavily Textured Surface
  • Matthew Tyas: Hakame Jar
  • Matthew Tyas: Hakame Bowl
  • Matthew Tyas: Hakame Bowl



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