William Marshall: Research Trip

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William Marshall: Research Trip

I recently returned to Cornwall from a William Marshall research trip. I visited collectors in Brighton and Southampton. It was great to see old friends and make new ones too! One collector had gathered a large number of pots and several lever-arch files. Each file contained Bill Marshall archive material. I spent over two and a half days photographing the files and pots of this one collector.

New Materials

I’ve now amassed some great resources. I’ve materials from exhibitions, auction listings, press, correspondence, sketches and historic photographs.

Pots will also form a large part of the publication. I photographed in the region of 70 pots, including yunomi, chawan, bowls, vases, lidded boxes, and bottles too. The photography went well although some of the pots were challenging. Tenmoku surfaces are often mirror-like: some of these pots took a dozen attempts. It was a case of experimenting with different lighting and exposure combinations.

I feel lucky to have seen and handled so many wonderful pots and look forward to visiting some new collectors soon.

Image Gallery

  • William Marshall: Ash Glaze Bowl
  • William Marshall: Cobalt Box Lid
  • William Marshall: Amalgam Gallery Exhibition
  • William Marshall: Obituary Extract

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