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I started by collecting pottery and continue to enjoy the work of potters like William Marshall and the old vernacular pots of Korea, China, Southeast Asia, and England. I progressed to making where rushed evening classes developed into a studio in Penistone and a Master's in Ceramics at Cardiff.

I then established a studio on the periphery of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, for a couple of years, to further develop my practice; being keen to continue exploring landscapes and their appropriation through clay. I offered classes too and also volunteered as Exhibitions Officer for the NPA.

I'm now based in Cornwall undertaking PhD Research in collaboration with the Autonomatic Research Group at Falmouth University and the Leach Pottery, St Ives.

Recent Coverage

Crafts Magazine
Crafts Magazine Montage An image of my acrylic Leach Tableware Large Tall Mug features in the May/June 2013 issue of Crafts Magazine alongside coverage of my Echo of Leach exhibition at the Leach Pottery. June 2013.
Contemporary Tableware
Contemporary Tableware Montage A great new book by Linda Bloomfield which features a piece from the Sea and Sky collection. Contemporary Tableware is available to buy now. June 2013.
International Ceramics Festival
International Ceramics Festival Logo I've been accepted to talk at the International Ceramics Festival PhD Symposium: Postgraduate Studies: What’s the Point? It will be chaired by Bonnie Kemske, Editor of Ceramic Review. I'll be talking about my Echo of Leach research project and why I think it's important to study ceramics in a post-graduate context. Come to the Theatre on Sunday 30th June at 1pm. June 2013.
Craft Skills Awards
Craft Skills Award Video Still - Matt TyasI attended the inaugural Craft Skills Awards, in London, with Katie Bunnell on behalf of the Autonomatic Research Group at Falmouth University. We won the Judges’ Spotlight Award for digital craft - presented to Katie by the Prince of Wales. I also feature in the Craft Skills Awards Film recorded for the Awards. May 2013.
Scratch Magazine - University College Falmouth Alumni Magazine
Features one of my laser drawings on p40 of the PDF. September 2012.
Livingetc Magazine, modern design ideas
Photographed work from the Sea and Sky collection - soon to feature in the magazine. February 2012.
Bettles Gallery
Work donated for auction at the 'Hungry Bowl Lunch 2' on 5th November 2011. November 2011.
Domestic Sluttery: Design Porn: Sea and Sky
Featuring work from the Sea and Sky collection. October 2011.
Paint Pixels and Beyond 2
Featuring work from the Sea and Sky and Melting Snow collections on local TV - 06:18 onwards. September 2011.
Heart Gallery: Meet the Maker: Matthew Tyas
Featuring work from the Sea and Sky collection. July 2011.
Card and Gift Blog: Gifts: Matthew Tyas Ceramics
Featuring work from the Sea and Sky collection. March 2011.
Mosaic Magazine Issue 48
With pictures, text, and a little background to my involvement in ceramics and recent work. Issue 48, pp37-9, November 2010.