• British Studio Potters Marks, 2015

Yates-Owen, E., Fournier, R., 2015. British Studio Potters’ Marks, 3rd ed. Bloomsbury.

My potter’s mark now features in the latest third edition:

This new edition of Eric Yates-Owen and Robert Fournier’s classic book on British studio potters’ marks contains new and revised entries for many potters, with up-to-date information about the artists’ styles, marks and addresses.

Entries are arranged alphabetically, with each entry giving biographical data, information on the type of ceramics produced, the location of the pottery and dates indicating when marks have changed, as well as images of the different marks used. Three useful indexes enable the reader to search by mark rather than maker, in various categories such as creatures, monograms and signs.

Revised by expert collector James Hazlewood, British Studio Potters’ Marks, third edition, is the essential reference guide for collectors of British studio pottery.

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