• Ceramics: Art and Perception #102_2015
  • Ceramics: Art and Perception #102 2015

Following their month-long residency in 2014, Jeff Oestreich and Pat Burns invited me to write an article about their experience and work. This writing, along with some of my photography, was recently published in ‘Ceramics: Art and Perception No. 102 2015’. It begins:

In what turned out to be the last firing of the Leach Pottery’s  large  soda  kiln, Jeff Oestreich and Pat Burns  produced a new body of work resulting from their month-long residency. Both Oestreich and Burns  worked  side-by-side  in  the  workshop of the old Pottery: outside, the River Stennack murmured in its race towards the nearby sea and the bowed branches gradually lightened as autumn took hold.

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