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William Marshall features on my site as I feel he epitomises the essence of heritage pottery and was the first maker whose pots deeply engaged me and encouraged me to express myself in clay. He started making pots as a young apprentice at the St Ives Leach Pottery, back in 1938, and continued to make at his pottery in Lelant, until his death in 2007.

I found the vocabulary of his work remarkable, from having the skill to make large amounts of repeat Standard Ware at St Ives, to producing personal 'art' pots with an innate fluidity and sensitivity. It was, perhaps, most inspiring to know him as Bill Marhsall, a man with passion and enthusiasm for what he did, speaking with knowledge and spirit. His enthusiasm still drives me to continue learning and pushing my own work - even if our approaches are sometimes different.

Our passing through the world is marked by memories and the residues of our activities and so when I see or handle Bill's work, he is still talking to me. In one sense, William Marshall is still alive and the world of studio pottery perhaps has a little more to hear from him yet.

Images Courtesy of Oakwood Ceramics

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